Meet Dana ~ Your Scottsdale Muralist

With an eye for detail, I see my world as a work of art, waiting to be created. As a Muralist, I am inspired by the feeling I evoke in my clients when I bring their boring walls to life, regardless of budget or taste.


Entering the “real world” to become a teacher, I wasn't sure if I was looking for ways to practice my craft...or if the projects found me. After living with the school’s blank library walls, I created an inspiring and whimsical mural. I quickly received such positive feedback that I was inspired to turn this hobby into my career. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of painting murals for large commercial projects, as wells as the rooms of lots of lucky children.

Being a Muralist

I feel privileged to connect with people on a more personal level than many have the chance to. With every job, I work closely with my clients to create the look they desire, regardless of budget or personal style. Because I am entrusted with something as important as a child’s room, I pay attention to every last detail as if I were the client – because I expect the best.

Being an Artist

As an artist, I enjoy bringing my clients’ ideas and tastes to life with my own vibrant, imaginative style. I can transform a wall or an entire room into enchanting princess quarters, Gotham City, a fantasy garden, a beach scene, Pokemon- themed space or a serene nursery.

Hand & Custom Painting

Murals are handpainted with a cobination of acrylic and indoor house paint. I meet with my clients in their home for a free consultation so I can see the space and get some ideas of what they want on the wall. Sometimes clients have an exact picture of what they want. I draw ou a sketch and we work together to make the design perfect for their home. Then I send over the contract with the price and I begin painting! My prices vary on the space, desired design, supplies needed and distance from my home*.